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When will we have a fully functioning self-driving Hyundai? I’m not sure, but it’s getting closer every day. Hyundai is ramping up the development of their autonomous vehicles. They are in the process of tapping an expansive mobility testing ground.

This testing ground will be located outside of Detroit at an abandoned bomber factory complex. The idea behind the Michigan facility is that it gives the automakers a better chance to test the autonomous technologies. Michigan is a looser state with regulations which makes it easier for companies to test their autonomous products on public roads.

This new site called Willow Run will be operated by the American Center for Mobility which is a state government-led initiative to make Michigan a hub of self-driving car development. The Willow Run site is going to be par per use, so it will be an excellent opportunity for Hyundai to test their closer-to-market vehicles.

While Hyundai doesn’t have a fully autonomous vehicle on the market yet, they do have semiautonomous technologies in some of their vehicles. The G90 Flagship sedan from the new Genesis luxury brand has some advanced safety technologies that really help the driver out. These technologies are called Genesis Smart Sense and they include features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, technologies to reduce driver fatigue and more.

Hyundai already has an autonomous testing facility in California, but this one in Michigan will allow them to do even more testing on their vehicles. The Willow Run Michigan facility will be 311 acres and it should be opening in winter of 2017. With this extra room to expand their autonomous testing, you can anticipate an autonomous Hyundai vehicle coming soon!

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