Winter Car Maintenance | Rte2 Hyundai Leominster, MA

Whether you have your new dream car or a car a couple years old, taking care of it is important. Your set of wheels helps you get around to all of the stuff in your busy schedule, so you can’t take it for granted. Check out these tips to take care of your car.

1.       Get your oil checked regularly: Oil keeps your engine from overheating, so get it checked and changed on time to keep your car running great. 

2.       Keep your fluids full: Oil is not the only fluid in your car. There is also brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant to reduce the heat in your vehicle. All of these fluids keep your car running, so be sure to get them checked on a regular basis.

3.       Replace air filters when needed: You should replace your air filters about every 30,000 miles. If you don’t, it can lead to engine damage.

4.       Check your tires and rotate them: Make sure to check your tire pressure regularly, and make sure you get your tires rotated, so they don’t get unevenly worn out. Rotating your tires helps you get the most life out of your tires which can save you money!

5.       Get your brakes checked: No one wants their brakes to go out while they are driving, so it is important to get those checked every year.

6.       Wash your car: Washing your car may not seem that important, but keeping your car clean can save the paint and the finish. Dirt, grime and chemicals can eat away at your car paint. Don’t let that happen when washing your car is such an easy fix!

7.       Run all your errands at once: This may seem silly, but short trips can really wear a car out. If you run all your errands at once, your car will stay warm which will be better for it.

8.       Buy a car with a good warranty: Ultimately, when it comes to your car it is better to be safe than sorry. Getting an extended warranty helps protect you from the cost of repairs, so it might be something to consider!

Your car is your means of transportation, so make sure it stays in top shape! Use these tips to take good care of your vehicle.

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