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Do you want to be happier, more focused and more productive? Take a break and plan a trip!

We often get so overwhelmed by our jobs and our long to-do lists that are constantly packed with tasks. All of life just never seems to slow down, but it has been proven that taking breaks can actually help you be more focused and get more done in less time.

Now, that we know that breaks can be powerful the question is what should we do on those breaks? There are so many good options for taking breaks. You can do a wide variety of things on a break like listening to music, taking a nap, exercising, daydreaming, or taking a walk, but something you should really consider is planning a trip.

Why plan a trip? Research shows that just the simple act of planning a trip can give people a significant boost in happiness! The anticipation of trip can boost happiness for about 8 weeks, and with summer just around the corner it is the perfect time to plan that road trip you have been dreaming about all winter.

Take some time and enjoy planning a vacation, and then take that new Hyundai out on your trip!

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