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Hyundai Motor America has come up with a new brief survey to track the quality of the customer’s experience with Hyundai dealerships. The old survey was a document that consisted of over 40 questions and took a significant amount of time. This new system will be faster and easier on the customer. It will also allow Hyundai dealers to improve their services more quickly based on the feedback they receive.

Hyundai has now developed a three-prong system to more accurately measure customer satisfaction and to better relay the information to the dealership. The first part of this system is an e-survey that takes less than a minute to complete. This survey can be completed on a smartphone, tablet or computer and it is a private review, but the customer has the option to make it public if they want.

The second part of the system is a 16-question Hyundai Service Experience Survey. This survey is given out to 35 to 40 percent of repair and maintenance customers, and they receive this survey about a week after their visit. This survey also allows customers to leave their own comments, and the platform of the survey also tracks the service manager’s response.

The third part of this new approach is a retention survey that goes out to a lapsed customer defined as a customer that hasn’t brought the vehicle in for maintenance within a year. This survey asks why the customer hasn’t returned and what the dealership can do to get them to return.

This new approach was created to help improve the customer experience. Customers are able to give quick feedback, and the dealer can receive the feedback and begin improving things immediately.

This new system isn’t focused on receiving a rating. Instead, Hyundai wants to know what they can do to improve your experience. If you receive a survey from Hyundai, be sure to let us know how we are doing and what we can do to make your experience better!

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