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The Summer Olympics just ended, but Hyundai is already starting to think about the Winter Olympics. This is because Hyundai Motor Company plans to debut its next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

This new fuel system will also appear in a totally new vehicle. The vehicle will be somewhere between a CUV and a SUV. Hyundai’s original fuel cell technology appeared in the Tucson in 2013, but this technology will be better than ever. The new fuel cell will be smaller and it will require less platinum in the catalyst. Also, the battery will be bigger and the electric motor will be smaller but it will have a higher output.

Hyundai plans to debut this new vehicle and improved technology at the Winter Olympic games in 2018. Hyundai is also hoping to prepare a fuel cell bus to debut at the games as well. They want to make it a big event to showcase their new and improved technology.

Environmental impact is clearly something that has been on Hyundai’s mind because they have been working to make more eco-friendly vehicles. The Hyundai group plans to introduce 28 new eco-vehicles by 2020 across their Hyundai, Genesis and Kia brands. These 28 vehicles will include 10 hybrid vehicles, 8 plug-in hybrid vehicles, 8 electric vehicles and 2 fuel cell vehicles. Be looking out for the eco-friendly technology that Hyundai is sending your way!

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