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When we are driving sometimes it is hard to think about anything other than your destination, but to be a smart car owner there are some other things you should consider! Here is a list of things you can keep in your car to keep you prepared for whatever life may throw at you. No one likes to think something bad is going to happen to them, but it is good to be prepared. Check out this list of things to keep in your car to always stay safe on the road!

  1.           Jumper Cables – You never know when your car or your friend’s car could need a jump start, so it is a good idea to keep these handy.
  2.            Maps – It is a good practice to have paper maps available in case a GPS is broken or not working properly.
  3.          First Aid Kit – You never know when you might need to fix up a little injury.
  4.            Flashlight – A flashlight can help you if you need to illuminate even in the darkest of nights.
  5.            Tire Pressure Gauge – Checking your tires is something you will want to do frequently, you can potentially prevent something bad from happening.
  6.           Fire Extinguisher – If your car does happen to start on fire, you are going to want to get a safe distance away, but a fire extinguisher can help you      prevent your car from being even more damaged.
  7.           Spare Tire, Jack, and Lug Wrench – Always have a spare tire in case you get a flat. However, just a spare tire won’t do you much good if you have    a flat, so you should be sure to have some tools to help you change that tire out!

In the winter you might like:  

  1. Snow Shovel – Because you never know when your car could get buried in a snow bank
  2.  Ice Scraper – You will want to keep visibility as good as it can be and get rid of ice and sleet.
  3. Extra Winter Jacket – To help stay warm if you happen to get stranded somewhere in the winter.

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